Mana Drink Review – the future of food?

Modern lifestyles often mean that we neglect mealtimes, or grab food when we can.

Eating out can be costly, and preparing food at home takes up precious time – if we’re not too exhausted to step into the kitchen.

But there are solutions out there, as products exist which offer the best of both worlds, products like Mana.

So here’s a Mana Drink review to guide you in choosing your way to a healthy future.

What is Mana?

Available in both powder form and as a drink, Mana really is a breakthrough in modern food technology.

As a plant-based product, it will appeal to those who are seeking to avoid meat or animal by-products, which has been recommended by many experts as an excellent way to tackle the problem of climate change.

Mana Drink Powder Set

Mana contains all of the essential nutrients that the human body needs in order to function properly and is a great, healthy alternative to your usual meals.

What is Mana made from?

All Mana products are made from 100% GMO-free ingredients, with 99.5% of these being of natural origin.

The remaining 0.5% are certified as safe and have been used in food production for many decades.

The range of Mana products contains the following ingredients;

Protein – this is derived from 6 sources; hemp, rice, soy, peas, algae, and oats, depending on the product, with most of the drinks containing soy and oat protein.

Soy is used as the main source of protein due to its ability to be easily digested, as well as the fact that it contains all 9 of the essential amino acids needed by the human body.

Fats – in spite of the negative connections to the word, fats (or lipids) are an essential part of our diet.

Once again, Mana takes these from 6 specially selected sources; flaxseed oil, canola oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, algae oil, and oat oil.

The omega-3 fatty acids within these ingredients are all essential to our bodies, helping them run efficiently and properly, and the good news is that none of them contain any traces of trans-fats or cholesterol.

Carbohydrates – these fibres, sugars, and starches are vital in sending energy around the body, particularly to our brains.

Mana products extract the carbohydrates from 4 main sources; palatinose (from beetroot), maltodextrin (from corn), oat fibre, and arabic and xanthan gum.

Although an artificial sweetener is added (sucralose) it is a superior one that compliments the flavours of the drinks far better than some natural sweeteners.

Dietary Fibre – this ingredient ensures that our metabolism runs smoothly, contributing to overall health, but especially in relation to the heart as it can reduce inflammation and blood pressure.

The sources of dietary fibre in Mana products are; carrot, chicory root, hemp, pea, algae, and oat, though these are mostly found in one product known as Origin Powder, Mark 6.

Most of the other drinks use oat extracts (including beta-glucans which help lower cholesterol) along with xanthan and arabic gum.

Vitamins and Minerals – aside from all the excellent ingredients listed above, Mana drinks contain 14 vitamins and 24 minerals and trace elements.

Colour and flavour – depending on which of the four flavours you choose, the drinks use a variety of natural flavourings and colourings, with the addition of a hint of artificial aroma in a couple of cases.

Which Mana Drink flavour is best?

This is a difficult question! The answer is that each of the four flavours will appeal to different tastes.

They are as follows:

Origin – a neutral, oaty flavour, with a hint of vanilla, for a smooth, creamy and healthy treat.

Dream – this drink uses mild cocoa for flavour as well as colour – as delicious as any chocolate milkshake but far healthier!

Sunlight – coloured using beta-carotene and turmeric extract, Sunlight drink had a tropical flavour sourced from both natural and artificial aromas.

The powdered form uses dehydrated pineapple juice to give it a tropical edge.

It really deserves its name, putting you in mind of sun-soaked beaches with gentle waves lapping at the shore.

Love – the delicate pink colour comes from a combination of beetroot extract alongside freeze-dried raspberries and strawberries, which also add to its beautiful flavour, helped along by some other natural and artificial aromas.

The beta-carotene and lycopene that provide colour are also very beneficial to our health; beta-carotene helps tremendously with vitamin A absorption, and lycopene is an anti-oxidant, with some studies suggesting that it can protect against certain cancers.

So, How Can Mana Drinks Help Me?

Mana pride themselves on their evaluation by the European Food Safety Authority, and approval by the EU.

And as they boast 161 different health benefits, it is easy to see why.

Few companies go into such detail when listing the ingredients, potential benefits and the reasoning behind them.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas where Mana claims to be able to help.

Healthy Heart – omega-3, vitamin B1, vitamin C, potassium, beta-glucans.

Healthy Muscles and Bones – protein, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K1, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, zinc, calcium.

Healthy Eyesight – vitamin A, vitamin D, DHA (a type of omega-3 that helps protect your vision)Healthy Brain – DHA, Niacin, Vitamins B1/2/5/6/9 & 12, vitamin C, zinc, iron, calcium, iodine, biotin, magnesium, copper.

Healthy Immune System and Blood – vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamins B2/6/9/12, vitamin E, vitamin K1, manganese, copper, zinc, calcium, selenium, iron.

Healthy Metabolism – vitamins B1/2/3/5/6/7/9/12, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, chloride, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, copper, iron, zinc.

Healthy Blood/Sugar Levels – isomaltulose (a reducing sugar, extracted from sugar beet, considered to be far better than normal table sugar), chromium (a trace mineral that increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin).

Healthy Skin – vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamins B2/3/7, iodine, manganese, copper.

Healthy Teeth and gums – vitamin C, vitamin D, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium.

Healthy Hair and Nails – vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamins B7/9, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, iodine, copper, zinc, iron, selenium.

And what’s even better is that the company stands by each and every one of these claims, backing them with science.

If it cannot be verified, then they don’t use it! That is a rare and commendable thing.

Who Can Use Mana Drinks?

Anyone who is generally fit and healthy can enjoy the benefits! As with all changes in diet, it is always best to consult a medical professional if you are concerned about anything, or have a pre-existing medical condition.

They aren’t really intended specifically as a method of weight-loss, but sensible, regulated use could help in this area.

How do you use it?

Each of the four flavours comes either in powdered form, in sachets, or ready-made in cartons.

Simply mix the powder with water, or drink straight from the carton.

They can even be used as a base for smoothies or mixed into cakes!

How much do they cost?

For all the benefits and plus-points listed above, you’d expect this product to be off-the-scale expensive.

But with prices starting at €1.57 you can’t really go wrong.

Mana themselves say that you can enjoy their products for less than €8 a day, which is less than some people pay for their normal meals, and there are ‘bulk’ offers available, from €19, €35 and €50, and what’s more, there is no delivery charge.


Sometimes products and offers come along that seem too good to be true.

This, however, is the real thing.

Weighing the price against the quality of the product, the host of health benefits they bring, as well as the fact that they are clinically tested and proven, there really doesn’t seem to be a downside.

Furthermore, you can rest in the knowledge that you are helping to reduce your impact on the environment, as Mana Drinks are completely plant-based and suitable for vegans and have a very low carbon footprint.

Aside from using only high-quality ingredients and contributing to sustainable methods of food production, Mana also backs this up with excellent customer service and support.

To end this Mana Drink review, it is fair to say that this is a game-changer. Few companies these days offer the whole package; a great product, backed up by great customer service, and a mission statement that aims to “Save The World”.

Mana Drinks are the food of our times, not just handy for when you’re on the go, but as a real, healthy alternative to your usual meals.

They cut out the need for waiting, for cooking, for clearing up afterward.

All the time that you save can be invested in doing those other things you want to be doing, and the best thing is that, rather than grabbing the fast food that you’ll regret later, this will improve your health.

These drinks lead the way, showing us what the future of our food should be; nutritious, delicious, sustainable, and produced by a company that genuinely cares for its customers as well as our planet.